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To help spread the key demands of the climate strikes

and to join forces, we have introduced the @cut11percent Instagram Hashtag.

Here you can make the % cut for your own country clear and tag those people who need to make the laws. 

Or tag anyone who can help make these laws happen.


We will not leave the streets until our futures are safe. 

This is a great way to communicate that. 

1. Demand change with instagram Story!









Create a Story! Take a photo

or shoot a short video.

Tag your story with the

#cut11percent tag

Tag the person or organisation

that you want to challenge.

They'll automatically recieve a notification

once you've posted your story.

This is where the dialogue starts!

Add a question-box to your story.

Ask the basic #cut11percent-question 

(shown inline) or pose your most 

urgent climate question to

demand change to the person you


Link these accounts. It will notify 

Childpress editors who will collect your

stories, report on them and help you

get into actual dialogue.

Tag your location to allow

local dialogue to happen.

Highlight your story to prevent it

from disappearing after 24 hours.

2. Join the movement!

3. Spread the word!