The Facts

Average global temperature rises cannot go above 2°C.


We need to hold our governments accountable with accurate science-based laws.

Find your national emission and extraction numbers here. 

Why 11%?

 The climate crisis is a systemic crisis, it needs a systemic solution: laws. Laws that are realistic and fair. 


On average, the Very Highly Developed Nations need to reduce their emissions by 11% per year, starting immediately. They are the biggest emitters, the wealthiest and healthiest, and have the resources to get us all onto the right path.


The numbers needed to protect our future will keep moving. We need laws that are fixed to realistic and fair reductions.

What about 1.5°C?

Scientists have warned have us about the dangers of going over 1°C. However, we have already passed that threshold.

The further we go over 1°C, the worse things get. Any target from now on is far from ideal.

We fully support stopping the average temperature at 1.5°C. In fact, we would argue for drawing down our emissions towards 0°C.

Our published documents feature the figures for the 1.5°C target, and we fully support anybody who chooses to fight for this target. The figures for 1.5°C should be widely known, but they are not.

Any NGO, journalist, politician or climate activist who fights for the 1.5°C  target should, however, be informed and honest about what is involved in such an ambition. 


The carbon budget that remains to stabilize emissions at 1.5°C is virtually gone. The much promoted 50 % reduction of GHG emissions by 2030, a 7.6% reduction every year starting today, requires huge amounts of 'negative emissions', something we do not know how to do yet. This global number also completely ignores different national responsibilities, capabilities and equity. Finally, it only has a 1 out of 2 chance to keep the warming below 1.5°C.

Keeping the warming to (well below) 2°C is what all nations have agreed to do. Therefore, it is on the basis of this agreement that, on the streets and in courts, our governments can be held accountable. 



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